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Industrial and General

Industrial and General Manufacturing

Overcome Challenges & Boost Your Supply Chain Agility

Premium Parts provides quality rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturing services for industrial and general production across various end-uses. Our range of manufacturing services for industrial components includes injection molding, 3D printing, and CNC machining services. For years gone by, we have built a rigid comprehension of the needs of the ever-dynamic industries. We understand that the components we make for all our clients form the foundation of quality in pre-production testing, market validation, and product verification. Our rapid prototyping and low-volume production are particularly streamlined to help factories and manufacturing outfits beat the cost, shorten product development, and facilitate faster market entries.

Premium Parts engineers work very closely with our clients in the design and procurement stage to ensure that our habit of quality is injected into every step of your product or process development. Whether you’re building new factories, optimizing your supply chain, managing tooling, fixtures, and inventory, or simply making new components for better performance, speed, and value, Premium Parts will be with you every step of the way. Ready to commence your next project? Get in touch and receive your free quote. Our engineers will also provide you a free design-for-manufacturability analysis as soon as you upload your CAD design prototype!

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What We Can Do For You

• Rapid Prototyping

Use production-grade materials to manufacture quality physical models and prototypes for concept testing and design communication. At Premium Parts, our rapid prototyping services can create small batches of custom parts for in-house or comprehensive pilot testing, helping you to mitigate risks before investing in tooling or mass production runs.

• Manufacturing Validation

Evaluate the ergonomics and functionality of your parts and concepts with our manufacturing validation options. Through 3D printing and CNC machining, we can make stand-in and surrogate parts for calibration, testing, and configuration of prospective components and how they perform with existing assembly lines or systems.

• Production Tools

Save days and weeks of leadtimes, and use our on-demand production services to make quick, affordable, and functional jigs, fixtures, and tooling in as fast as 4 days. Our industrial manufacturing services will help you avoid costly downtimes and improve your supply chain agility.

• End-use Parts

Premium Parts can make quality end-use parts in various materials for use in your factories, assembly lines, and manufacturing components. Our parts are durable and efficient, capable of working effectively in real-life conditions. Our 3D printed and precision CNC machined parts can help you achieve complex components, eliminate assembly processes, and reduce bottlenecks in your production process.

Top Industrial Applications

• Manufacturing Lines

• Assembly and packaging machine components

• Spare part and custom tooling

• Enclosures

• Direct digital manufacturing

• Low-volume prototyping

• Pilot testing parts

• Complex geometry dies

• Bridge-to-market production

• Rapid tooling

• Industrial machine and component mock-ups

• Robotics and automation

• Robots-as-a-service (RaaS)

Laser Lighting

Why You Should Work With Us

• Speed

We produce 3D printed, injection-molded or CNC-machined prototypes and end-parts in as fast as 1 – 5 days. This allows our clients to leverage our digital manufacturing expertise and leapfrog traditional production bottlenecks. From concept to a physical model, testing, and final prototype, our capacity and scale can help you compensate for other delays in your timeline and ensure you reach your target market before or just in time.

• Material Options

Premium Parts will manufacture your prototypes and production parts in up to 30+ engineering-grade materials. We can injection-mold, overmold, insert mold, 3D print, cast, or machine your parts from any commercially available polymers, thermoplastic, elastomer, and metal material. We also provide a breath of standard and customized finishes to augment your parts’ appearance and functionality.

• Quoting

Our in-time quotes will help you cut through wait times and leap to product development discussions in a few hours. A free design-for-manufacturability analysis that will suggest design improvements for cost-optimization and improved part functionality. Get your free project quote and DFM analysis now.

• Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service allows for quick testing, design correction, and re-evaluation. Through 3D printing and CNC machining, you can make prototypes and multi-functional models of your parts for testing or marketing. This also allows you to reduce risk and mitigate failure before proceeding to mass manufacture.

• Custom, One-off Parts

Use rapid tooling techniques like aluminum extrusion, CNC machining, and 3D printing to make custom, one-off industrial components that are tailored for specific end uses. Our industrial manufacturing services offer many opportunities for mechanical, cosmetic, or luxurious customization.

• Cost-savings

Save cost by exploring our on-demand production services for industrial components. Premium Parts offers a range of manufacturing solutions that are more cost-effective, faster, and better than traditional production methods.

• No Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you need one or a thousand parts, Premium Parts’s production flexibility is based on our in-house capacity and scale. We allow customers to take advantage of our low-volume production options to make small units of their product prototypes, bridge-to-market units, or mass-produce their parts without compromising our cost-effectiveness.

Who Are Our Clients?

Premium Parts uses CNC machining service, plastic injection molding, 3D prototyping service, pressure die casting, Sheet metal fabrication, and Polyurethane vacuum casting to serve the following clients in our industry manufacturing:

• Automobile manufacturers

• Agriculture machinery part and component manufacturers

• Robotics and automated system engineers

• Chemical and food processing companies

• Processing line experts and technicians

• Consumer electronics

• Spare part wholesalers and manufacturers

• Repair hubs and mechanic workshops

• Heavy machinery producers

• Machine tool designers and fabricators

• Petrochemical, Oil and gas companies

• Industrial products and services

Industrial Manufacturing Materials

• Nylon

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 have widespread industrial applications. It boasts of high strength, low-cost, high dimensional stability, and excellent resistance. They can be 3D printed and machined.

• Thermoplastics

o Acetal


o Polypropylene



o Polystyrene

o Polycarbonate

o more.

Thermoplastics can deliver high strength, design flexibility, no-corrosion, and UV-resistance for various applications in industrial and factory components. We use thermoplastics for 3D printing and plastic injection molding applications.

• Metals

We stock the most popular metal alloys of steel, aluminum, and titanium, all suitable for:

High-strength, corrosion-resistant applications. Aluminum and titanium also have good thermodynamic properties and excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Metal materials may be CNC-machined, die-casted, extruded, formed, or pressed into end-use parts. Other metal options range from magnesium to brass, copper and more.

Our Manufacturing Services For Industrial Applications

CNC Machining Services

Use 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC Machining services to manufacture complex, fitting parts for your industrial components and parts. Our CNC machining service is fast and precise, making parts with excellent finish and dimensional accuracy.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Make industrial prototypes, parts, and components with a high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and flexibility with sheet metal manufacturing services. We have top-grade brake presses, punches, and other machining capabilities to help you process many metal materials into complex final parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding can make high-quality plastic parts with great detail and attractive finishes. Our injection molding processes can create simple and complex plastic parts in large volumes for industrial applications. We also offer overmolding and insert molding services to reduce assembly steps and make composite parts from varying materials.

3D Printing

Choose from Stereolithography (SLA), Fused deposition modeling (FDM), Selective laser sintering (SLS), and more for rapid prototyping, manufacturing verification, modeling, and low-volume production of your parts. Our 3D printing is excellent for eliminating bottlenecks, accelerating product development cycles, and improving several aspects of your industrial procurement and supply chain.

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting uses a selection of engineering-grade silicone materials to make industrial prototypes and low-volume parts with high strength, impact resistance, and cosmetic details.

Pressure Die Casting

Our pressure die casting services are the best options for making mass production volumes of your industrial parts and components in metal materials. Die casting is used for industrial processes that require tight tolerances, thin walls, and great cosmetic details.

Matel Cutting Machine

Compliment Your Part With Our Finishing Options

Our range of production techniques can be further enhanced with our finishing services. We understand the need to compliment part quality with cosmetic excellence. This is why we offer several finishing options for augmenting the surface finish of your part. Our finishes are decorative, aesthetic, and in some instances, functional. See below the list of finishing options we offer for general industrial parts and components:

• Texturing

• Anodizing

• Polishing

• Blasting

• Painting

• Electroplating

• Passivation

• Heat treatment

• Powder coating

• Custom

Start Building Your Agile Factories Now!

Premium Parts can help you with a range of transformative processes to bring the much-needed speed, intuition, reliability, and flexibility to your supply chain and factory processes. With our on-demand production, rapid tooling, and rapid prototyping services, we can help you build your factory the way you want. Upload your CAD design prototype and get in touch with us. Our engineers will provide you with a free quote and design-for-manufacturability analysis to kick-start production discussions right away.

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