Quality Assurance

How do we pay Premium Parts?

Premium Parts offers multi ways for payment, wire transfer, Paypal, check, all work for us.

Can I set up the terms with Premium Parts?

Yes, we can discuss setting up the terms with our clients after 5 jobs. We will require a 50% deposit in advance for all the tooling orders and other jobs over $10k.

Common Questions

How to get a quote?

Simply complete the quote through our link (https://www.premiumparts.com/request-a-quote). Input all the relevant information, follow the tips to submit your files and describe the job. After getting a reactive page of successful submission, the whole process is done.

What formats of the files can Premium Parts accept?

We can accept most of the 3D file formats like SolidWorks (.sldprt)/ ProE(.prt) / IGES(.igs) / STEP (.stp) / Parasolid (.x_t)/.stl. We can also use 2D drawing (.pdf) for quote against the parts with simple structure. All the other files formats are not listed above but can be read in SolidWorks/ProE/UG will be also fine for us.

How long can I expect to receive a quote?

We can generally quote you back within 24 hours in most cases. Depending on the complexity of the project, we ensure to send you a competitive quote no exceed 48 hours.

Can I state to supply my own materials for quote and production?

Yes, we allow all of our clients to supply their own materials for quote and production if needed. However, we have to validate the quality of these materials against the desired end-use and integrate it into the manufacturing process to produce excellent parts as required.

Are lead times in calendar days or working days?

Our lead times will be being quoted in calendar days.

Can I require a breakdown including the material cost and expected machined time of the parts?

We don’t generally provide the breakdown list like this. But we can provide it to you after discussion if really necessary.

How to place the order?

New customers will require cash in advance before starting the job. For customers with setting up the term with Premium Parts, we can accept the PO to start.

Do you offer the expedited services?

We don’t offer the expedited services as we generally give the quote to our clients within a fairly fast lead time we can provide. Please consult us on how quickly we can finish your urgent job without an occurring expedited fee.

Can I cancel my order during the production?

Yes, you can do so. But customers will need to pay the cost for the work we have done. Premium Parts can provide photos to prove it.

How to track the status of my job?

You can track your job status from our project manager or sales team via emails, and generally you will get a response within 12 hours. Or you can call our sales team hotline for any instant helps.

Can I revise my model or drawing during the production?

Only the uncompleted parts and available changes can be accepted during the productions.

What kind of tolerance can you hold to our parts?

Typically, we follow the general tolerances DIN ISO 2768 standard if the printing doesn’t specify the tolerances. Theoretically, the best tolerance we can achieve for machined parts is 0.005mm and for machined plastic, the best tolerance we can achieve is 0.01mm.

What kind of surface finish can I expect from the parts?

Generally, our quality standard is keeping parts smooth and free of scratch. That means we would keep machined marks as it or hand sanding the parts to smooth. We can also apply series of finishes like painting or plating if required.

How long can I expect the parts?

Our typical lead time for prototyping is 4-7 days. For low volume production, the typical lead time is 15-20 days.

What if I don’t have an account for shipping?

We can use our accounts for parts’ shipping and add the cost to the invoice. We are the exporter and we can generally get a larger discount compare to our clients as our experiences.

What kind of shipping method can be offered?

We offer international priority and economic shipping methods.

What is Premium Parts’s shipping term?

Our standard shipping term is Ex Works (EXW). The customer is responsible for shipping costs and imported tax.

Can you design and make drawings for us?

No, to ensure strict compliance to client’s design and specifications, we do not make design drawings and 3D CAD models for our clients. We only accept drawings and process them as required to match design for manufacture standards (DFM) to produce error-free production parts.

How can I ensure my design is confidential?

We can sign the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with our customers before placing an order.

General Manufacturing

What is Premium Parts’ biggest strength?

Premium Parts’ intelligent team can provide you with the fastest lead time and perfects custom-build products at the lowest cost.

Where is Premium Parts’ location

We locate at No.11 Yingcheng 3 road, Chang’an town Dongguan city, Guangdong province, 523877, CN. And welcome our clients to visit us.

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