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High-Quality Custom Energy and Power Manufacturing Services

Energy is the backbone of every sector, providing electricity and interchangeable forms of power to commercial, private, and industrial users. As the energy demand continues to climb worldwide, there is an increasing need for on-demand and rapid prototyping services to augment supply chains and mitigate logistical challenges.

At Premium Parts, we offer 3D printing, CNC machining, Plastic Injection Molding, and Pressure Die Casting services for rapid prototyping, low-volume, and mass production. Manufacturing for the energy sector is governed by strict tolerances, and the critical need to adhere to certain specifications. From solar to wind and water, large parts and components must be made to be durable and resilient to the rigor of their use environments. With our CNC machining services, Premium Parts can make sizeable parts with dimensional accuracy that are often seen only in small parts. Our 3D printing is excellent for quick tooling, custom spare part production, and complex part creation. Our overall manufacturing solutions are geared towards improving overall product quality, cost-effectiveness, and faster market entries for all our clients. From commercial electricity to solar capabilities, fossil fuels, oil, and gas, our engineers will help you deliver innovative solutions for tackling your business’s most critical challenges.

Major companies like Shell, Gazprom, Mobil, and Total have all trusted the diversity and agility of on-demand manufacturing to strengthen their businesses, and so should you. Ready to get started? Reach out to us now, and receive a free quote and design-for-manufacturability report!

Wind energy

What We Can Do For You

• Hydropower

Our CNC machining services can help fabricate the large size turbines and components required for hydroelectric power generation. CNC machining is vital to making dependable parts like impellers, housings, bushings, shafts, and covers to withstand the rigor of energy generation and ensure functionality in high-wear environments.

• Solar Energy

Solar energy generation is dependent on high accuracy cells. CNC machining and 3D printing can help with prototyping solar components for better energy efficiency. Printing solar panels can also drive down costs by up to 50 percent and increase efficiency by 20 percent.

• Wind Turbines

Pressure die casting and CNC machine services can manufacture the precision parts used in the assembly of massive wind turbines. Because of the size and stress on these equipments, CNC machining is a must for making large blades, gears, rotors, ball bearings, housings, and bracketry required for putting together the turbines. Our 3D printing can help you save tooling and mold costs, while simple design changes to enhance blade efficiencies can be prototyped and tested with 3D-printed parts.

• Oil & Gas

The components used on oil and gas must be made of premium quality. Because of their extended periods of operations and harsh working underground conditions, factors like strength, durability, dimensional accuracy, and dependability cannot be compromised. Our CNC machining and die casting services can help you make components with excellent dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. Our CNC machine services can also make large parts with high strength-to-weight ratios for pump components, pipes and fittings, feed fingers, ball valve balls, couplings, down-hole tools, valve blocks, and fluid ends.

Our 3D printing and rapid tooling can be a way to foster obsolete tools and spares re-introduction while our pressure die casting can serve heavy-duty flame and flow needs, ramps, and heavy-duty locks.

• Other Value Chains

We offer on-demand and low-volume production services for other energy value chains ranging from transportation, marketing, and distribution to monitoring and tracking solutions. We can leverage our 3D printing and CNC machining for creating parts and repair tools across service and power stations.

Top Energy Manufacturing Applications

• Power stations and Transformer Components

• Engineering test pieces

• Quick repair tools

• Hydroelectric power components

• Turbines – wind and water

• Blades, rotor parts, and fans

• Gears and shafts (Ram shafts, locking shafts, and bonnets)

• FRAC valve bodies

• Flowline components

• Downhole tools

• Obsolete parts, spare parts, and custom tooling

• Enclosures and sealing accessories for explosives and perforating

• Nozzles and flow meter parts

• Pump manifolds

• Jigs and fixtures

• Turbomachinery

• Sand control screens

• Hangers

• Drill rig components

• Heavy-duty stainless, titanium, and aluminum parts

• Stators

• Pilot testing parts

• Flowmeter parts

• Impellers, pipeliners, and pipe centralizers
solar lamp

Why You Should Work With Us

• Speed

We produce 3D printed, injection-molded or CNC-machined prototypes and end-parts in as fast as 1 – 5 days. This allows our clients to take advantage of our digital manufacturing expertise and leapfrog traditional production bottlenecks. From concept to a physical model, testing, and final prototype, our capacity and scale can help you manufacture critical parts for use in the energy, oil, and gas industries to avoid costly downtimes and meet target project deadlines.

• Size

Premium Parts will manufacture large parts with high dimensional accuracy and tolerances. Our multi-axis CNC machines provide extended reach and range for making large parts. We can also use 3D printing and die casting to prototype and make large precision parts for prototyping and immediate field development.

• Quoting

Our rapid quoting helps you cut through wait times and leap to product development discussions in a few hours. A free design-for-manufacturability analysis will suggest design improvements for the cost-optimization and improved part functionality demand in the energy and power industry. Get your free project quote and DFM analysis now.

• Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service allows for quick testing, design correction, and manufacturing validation before tooling and mass production. Through 3D printing and CNC machining, you can make prototypes and multi-functional models of your parts for rigorous testing, marketing, or communication models. Rapid prototyping is of particular importance in the energy sector because of the high investments and tooling costs. Working with Premium Parts can help you mitigate your risks and ensure product/part perfection before proceeding to high investment runs.

• Custom, One-off Parts

Use rapid tooling techniques like aluminum extrusion, CNC machining, and 3D printing to make components that are bespoke for the needs of the energy, oil, and gas industries. Our solutions for the energy industry offer many opportunities for mechanical, cosmetic, or performance-driven customizations.

• Cost-savings

Save cost by exploring our on-demand production services for industrial components. Premium Parts offers a range of manufacturing solutions that are more cost-effective, faster, and better than traditional production methods.

• No Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you need one or a thousand parts, Premium Parts’s production flexibility is based on our in-house capacity and scale. We allow customers to take advantage of our low-volume production options to make small units of their product prototypes, bridge-to-market units, or mass-produce their parts without overshooting their budget and compromising our cost-effectiveness.

Who Are Our Clients?

Premium Parts uses CNC machining service, Plastic injection molding, 3D prototyping service, Pressure die casting, Sheet metal fabrication, and Polyurethane vacuum casting to serve the following clients in the energy industry:

• Mining and Extraction Companies

• Power generation companies

• Power distribution companies

• Power and Electricity transmission companies

• Solar power engineers

• Energy marketing companies

• Oil and gas upstream

• Oil and gas midstream

• Oil and gas downstream

• Electrical grid maintenance agencies

• Hydroelectric power plants and engineers

• Renewable energy companies

• Wind turbine manufacturers and repair companies

• Servicing and repair shops

• Generating set manufacturers

• Pipeline engineers

• Bio-energy processing facilities

• Research and development centers

• Natural gas companies

• Agriculture machinery part and component manufacturers

• Chemical processing companies

• Oil and gas drilling and processing plants

• Consumer electronics

• Spare part wholesalers and manufacturers

• Oil and gas equipment and services

• Petrochemical, Oil, and gas companies

Desert energy

Our Manufacturing Materials For Energy and Power Industry

• Nylon and Thermoplastics

Premium Parts can produce excellent machined components that are suitable for use in offshore and onshore areas. Nylon and high-performance thermoplastics are strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant. These attributes make them very ideal for exploration and production environments. Nylon offers protection and serves cable-handling and clamping applications. Thermoplastics can be machined, 3D printed or Injection molded into high-performance components. Some examples of our thermoplastic materials include:

o HDPE – Covers, cut boards, pyrotechnic purposes

o PEEK – Insulators, connectors, seals and wears components, Metal replacement

o ULTEM – Underwater connector bodies, insulators, analytical components

o PVDF – Piping, sheets, tubing, films, tank lining, and chemical transfer pipes

o Nylon 6 & 66 – Gears, industrial bearings, nozzles, sheaves, wear pads

o PPS – High-speed bushings, pumps, and HPLC components

o PAI – Valve seats, wear rings, structural parts, high-temperature electrical connectors

o Other and custom options

• Elastomers

Liquid silicone rubber and other elastomers are suitable for vacuum casting processes. These materials have excellent temperature resistance, impact, and shock resistance and are ideal for high-performance industrial applications in various energy sectors.

• Metals

Premium Parts can work with the most popular metal alloys of steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium. These metals are suitable for high-conductivity, high-pressure, high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant applications. Steel is used for making most concentric pipes that require high strength and toughness, while copper is excellent for electrical conductivity.

Metal materials may be 3D printed, CNC machined, die-casted, extruded, formed, or pressed into end-use parts. Other metal options range from magnesium to brass, silver, tin, superalloys, and even custom materials.

Our Manufacturing Services For Energy and Power Applications

CNC Machining Services

Use 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC. Machine services to make complex, tight tolerance parts like pipes and custom fittings for energy exploration, production, and transmission. Our CNC machining service is fast and precise. It is recommended to make parts with excellent finish and dimensional accuracy and those required to deliver high performance in punishing operating conditions.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Make industrial prototypes, parts, and components with a high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and flexibility with sheet metal manufacturing services. We have top-grade brake presses, punches, and other machining capabilities to help you process many metal materials into complex final parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding can make high-quality plastic parts with great detail and attractive finishes. Our injection molding processes can thread protectors, explosive protection caps, plastic pipes, other complex components for offshore drilling equipment, power turbines, and fitting components. We also offer overmolding and insert molding services to manufacture composite parts from varying materials.

3D Printing

Choose from Stereolithography (SLA), Fused deposition modeling (FDM), Selective laser sintering (SLS), and more for rapid prototyping, manufacturing verification, modeling, and low-volume production of your critical end-use components and parts. 3D printing has significant applications in solar and wind power generation. Our 3D printing is excellent for eliminating bottlenecks, mitigating process and financial risks, and accelerating product development cycles. Premium Parts can also 3D print spare parts and other components with complex geometries, high strength, and lightweight.

Urethane casting

Urethane casting uses a selection of engineering-grade silicone and elastomeric materials to make industrial-grade prototypes and low-volume parts with high strength, impact resistance, and cosmetic details for the energy industry.

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is widely used in the energy and power industry to take advantage of its low weight and excellent strength. Aluminum is suitable for solar panel construction, brackets, enclosures, bus bars, and other extrusion-type components.

Pressure Die Casting

Our pressure die casting services are the best options for making mass production volumes of your critical parts and forged components in metal materials. Die casting is used for industrial processes that require tight tolerances, thin walls, and great cosmetic details. It is well suited to the rigor, long and challenging operating conditions of the equipment used in energy generation, transmission, and value chain.

Compliment Your Part With Our Finishing Options

Our range of production techniques can be further enhanced with our finishing services. We understand the need to compliment part quality with cosmetic excellence. This is why we offer several finishing options for augmenting the surface finish of your part. Our finishes are decorative, aesthetic, and in some instances, functional. See below the list of finishing options we offer for components in the energy and power industry:

• Texturing

• Anodizing

• Polishing

• Blasting

• Painting

• Electroplating

• Passivation

• Heat treatment

• Powder coating

• Custom

Start Here

Ready to begin on your next project? Get to market and meet the demands of your end-users quickly and affordably. At Premium Parts, our range of services is well suited to match the energy and power industry’s rigor and stringent requirements.

We offer you quick and realistic 3D printing solutions, CNC machining, Aluminum extrusion, injection molding, and die casting to make quality prototypes and end parts for any application. Upload your CAD files, and receive your free quote and design-for-manufacturability analysis now.

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